26 Jul

Why Do Teachers Use the Screen Projectors in the Classroom?

Even though this is not the case, it seems as if screen projectors are as old as classrooms themselves. Who can forget watching the teacher writing on the screen projector so the entire class could see how to solve an equation or to understand a physics problem?

Teachers generally use screen projectors as an alternative to writing on the board with chalk. Writing on the screen projector and on the chalkboard essentially accomplish the same thing, but the teacher may be more comfortable sitting at the projector solving problems using a Continue Reading »

12 Jun

How Can Students Benefit From Advanced Computer Programs

Most of the time, it can be difficult for students to get into a specific field because of different factors that govern their education. Getting into an advanced computer program can be hard, but it definitely is not impossible if you use all of the right skills and tools that you have. Getting into the right school can make all of the difference, so your very first step would be to enroll in a college where you feel most comfortable. From there, you will be able to easily begin the education that you so desperately need Continue Reading »

29 Apr

Technology in the Classroom: Pros and Cons

Technology is making its way into every aspect of our lives. Currently it’s working to take its place in the classroom. Some teachers are excited and want to embrace the use of technology in the classroom, while others argue it is far more expensive than it is helpful. Who is right? Here are a few perspectives from both sides.

The Pros

Advocates of technology in the classroom cite its ability to engage and excite, with virtual field trips and animations bringing the concepts to life. They say students who need extra help will be able to get computerized Continue Reading »

09 Jan

Teachers Use Technology as a Terrific Teaching Aid

Chances are your kids are using much cooler technology than you did when you were in school.

Teachers are finding ways to integrate technology in the classroom. Gone are film projectors; teachers now show Web videos connected to projectors. Even low-tech advancements have taken effect. Kids these days have likely never had a chalkboard in the classroom. They’ve always had dry-erase boards.

The Internet has also made for a smaller world in which students of all ages can be connected to other students all over the globe, especially with www.clearwireinternet.com

SMART Technologies produces a line of educational software designed to enhance students’ learning of the subject:

Fast Forword

It’s a tool to build literacy, a user-friendly Web-based program to accelerate learning. It’s designed for K-12 students who are reading below grade level. It strengthens attention, memory, processing rate and sequencing.


Gives a visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts, for K-5 students. Users combine numbers, pictures, spoken words and text to work on critical thinking skills, reading for comprehension, and vocabulary development.


A tool for quality rubrics creation. Rubrics are a way for teachers to set expectations for an assignment, from feedback to grading. They can also teach, gauging a pupil’s quality of work.

07 Oct

Three Ways Technology Has Increased Grade Averages in Schools

Many schools currently deploy some form of technological innovation in their educational arsenal. The positive effects that technology has in increasing grade averages in schools can be seen in the following three areas.

1. Reaches all Learning Types. With traditional teaching methods, students with singular learning styles often display difficulty responding to specific teaching techniques and aids. Bringing technology into the classroom helps teachers reach students through a variety of media, allowing them to effectively teach students of all learning types at once.

2. Engaging Students. In an era where Continue Reading »

06 Oct

Top Five Technology Items Used In Classrooms

The classroom has been effected with technology more than anywhere else. Students and teachers alike benefit from technology, and it keeps getting better for them both. Here are five excellent pieces of technology for the school.

Edmoto is social networking for teachers and students. Free and unblocked, Edmoto will do anything Facebook will do, and it is safe for teachers and students. Edmoto has functions specifically designed for teachers and students.

The interactive whiteboard is fast becoming Continue Reading »

03 Oct

Three Reasons Why College Students Can Benefit From Laptops

For a college student, a laptop is more than an expensive toy. Because laptops are portable, a laptop gives students the ability to study anywhere they can use their computer. While most universities still provide computer labs for their students, many professors take for granted that their students have their own laptops and can study when they lab is closed.

  • Personal laptops allow students to type class notes into their computers as the professor is giving the lecture. Because most college students type faster than they can write, they are more likely to take better notes when they have Continue Reading »
  • 30 Sep

    Top Reasons for Students to Have Computer Access

    Having computer access can be vital for a student in this day and age. It is very important for a student at any level to have computer access because there are many things that can be learned by searching the internet. There are many reasons why computer access is important. One reason that this is helpful because a student can research anything on the computer. Whether they have a history paper, or a science project, they can use the internet to find what they need.

    Having computer access is also important because many schools Continue Reading »

    26 Sep

    Reasons Why Computers Are Important To Have In Schools

    There was a point in our history when books were a rare commodity in schools, and as this became less and less the case, children were able to learn more, and educators were able to teach more. The presence of technology in an education environment, like any other work environment, allows the job to be completed more efficiently and effectively. Even simple changes such as a removal of chalk dust for students with allergies by using smart boards creates a better learning environment for many students. For the teachers, this means more time spent interacting with students individually, less Continue Reading »

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